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Alaska ITS was formed in April of 2005 with the aim of supplying technical support services within the Intelligent Transportation System industry. Alaska ITS serves the State of Alaska's Department of Transportation and Public Facilities as well as stakeholders in commercial vehicle operations.

About Alaska ITS:

Because of broad experience gained through the evolution of the ITS industry, Alaska ITS is in a unique position to offer its vendors competent, proven representation for their products and services within the state of Alaska. Alaska ITS is an excellent partner for their vendors, particularly when existing product volume does not justify permanent on-site support staff.

By utilizing Alaska ITS for local installation, warranty repair and maintenance services, vendor companies are able to lower costs through reduction or elimination of travel time and per diem expenses. Vendor companies are also able to improve the speed by which goods and services are supplied to the end client. Installation and maintenance is provided by a field engineering staff that has a track record of 24/7 year round uptime to critical state of the art equipment in one of the world's most challenging climates.

Alaska ITS operates as a sole proprietorship. The company holds a current State of Alaska General Contractor's License with Electrical Administrator endorsements. Alaska ITS is licensed, bonded and insured, including Worker's Compensation. Alaska ITS meets all requirements to operate commercially on the State of Alaska's Right-Of-Ways and Highway Projects.

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Alaska ITS has provided installation or technical supervision for over 30 Automated Traffic Counter sites monitoring more than 100 traffic lanes within the state of Alaska.

Alaska ITS has installed and currently maintains 21 Weigh-in-Motion lanes for commercial vehicle enforcement and traffic data entities.

Alaska ITS' experience with video monitoring RFID and transponder technology, networking and Weigh-in-Motion technology has qualified the company to provide technical supervision and ongoing maintenance services for Alaska's Mainline Sorting Station on Glenn Highway and virtual weigh stations at the Port of Anchorage and New Seward Highway.

Alaska ITS' experience with the intergration of video monitoring, vehicle tracking and detection, over-height detection and NTCIP communication protocol has qualified the company to provide and design the build upgrade to the Eklutna Overheight Warning System. Alaska ITS was recruited for this project in partnership with the Alaska DOT and the University of Alaska Fairbanks Transportation Research Center.


Supply, installation and maintenance of Intelligent Transportation Systems and equipment. Serving the State of Alaska.

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Alaska ITS is proud to be a member of the Anchorage, Alaska business community.

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